What to Expect


Homeopathy treatment involves meeting with the homeopath to discuss and explore your health and then taking homeopathic remedies. This can be a one-off dose which then works for some time, sometimes several weeks or months. You then return for another consultation to assess the change and a further remedy may be prescribed.

The first consultation can take up to two hours or one hour for a child. As well as being asked to describe your health problems, you will be asked questions including your medical history and that of your family.

At the end of the consultation a remedy may be given to you, or it may be posted to you after some further study and assessment by the homeopath. You will be given instructions on how to take the remedy.

Until the follow up consultation there will be phone support available to you. This can be useful to quickly deal with any questions or concerns.

Subsequent consultations are about 45 mins to one hour in length and are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.