Homeopathy principles require an exploration of the patient’s symptoms and history. Suzie’s therapeutic approach ensures the patient feels involved and listened to. They are invited to take part in the decisions for treatment, encouraged to ask questions about homeopathy and the process, and often come to a deeper understanding of how and why their health changed.

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Homeopathy happens when a practitioner prescribes a remedy following homeopathy principles. Suzie’s training is in classical homeopathy, which means that it is a holistic approach rather than a symptom led approach. This method looks at the whole person, their current symptoms now and their medical history. It takes into consideration the patient in their environment and how their current well-being has altered then it addresses how they can return to a harmonious state of well-being. Suzie also offers advice on how the patient can maintain themselves to help sustain the health benefits they have gained with her help. 

Patient Involvement

Having come from a family full of conventional doctors Suzie was always interested in medicine and her homeopathic training included considerable time focusing on the study of medical science. This enabled her to understand how the human body operates in health and how it reacts in disease states. Her ability to assess the physical aspects of disease and the language that is used by conventional medical practitioners enables Suzie to ensure a balanced view between alternative and traditional medicine, something that was actively put into practice during a 9 months tenure as part of the healthcare support team at Odstock Hospital in Salisbury. Her knowledge of the human body was extended by the countless patient nurses in the different wards and led to the view that homeopaths can work side by side with doctors for better patient outcomes. 



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HOMEOPATHY is not just a placebo