Suzie combines her knowledge, experience, and passion for homeopathy to provide you with the most effective methods to improve your health. 

Her approach is to listen keenly to her patients, involve them in decisions and give them lots of support. Her treatment strategies aim to work on the deeper reasons behind each individual patient's health, taking in an understanding of the whole human body and being open to collaboration with other therapists and treatments.

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Homeopathy provides non-toxic remedies that are helpful for the mother if she is unwell but also bring about positive responses for her baby. 

Pregnancy & Birth

Suzie Reyes-Nichol combines her knowledge and experience of homeopathy to work with you to improve your health, in a professional and caring setting. 

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Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times – Homeopathic treatment is a wonderful way to support our teenagers in a holistic manner during their time of transition. 

Homeopathy can be for you whether you want to get your own health back on track, manage existing conditions or just be preventative. 

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