Every patient is unique and every patient’s experience is unique. Suzie is delighted to have been a part of people’s recovery.


“I have been a patient of Suzie Reyes-Nichol since 2011. I trust her completely and she has helped both my teenage children through the challenges of their teenage development. Suzie makes a difference. She helped me to restore my energy levels after prolonged ill health and I am now able to work again. She also helped my elder son to overcome his shyness and engage with the world – he is now an award winning apprentice with a promising career ahead of him. I’m very grateful to Suzie and I recommend her highly.”               R, dad.


“Suzie was recommended to me in May 2013. I was looking for help for my 4 year old autistic daughter. While I had very little knowledge of homeopathy, I did have an open mind. Suzie has enabled me to completely rethink the way I view my families health and well being. It has amazed me with the progress it has enabled my daughter to make. With gains in speech and interaction, it has given me optimism and hope, benefiting our daughter, friends and family. Suzie is professional and caring, providing constant support and advise throughout. ”                                                                L, mum
“Suzie is an experienced homeopath. She is very wise and will often present a new insight or useful perspective. Suzie has been treating me and my family for about a year. The results have been staggering. My son who is autistic has shown significant improvements in a number of areas. Suzie is an outstanding homeopath – a very talented lady.”                        J
” ‘It’s just a placebo.’ ‘It’s all in your mind.’  These are comments I’ve usually heard when I’ve said I’ve used homeopathic remedies. My usual response is something along the lines of “you could well be right, but frankly if I’ve had a throbbing tooth, taken a remedy, and the pain’s gone, I don’t much care if it’s all in my mind. And as it’s non addictive, has no side effects and is relatively cheap, what’s there not to like?” I realise this is just avoiding getting into an argument, and as a retired lecturer who taught research methods and issues of reliability and credibility to post graduate students, I felt I had to produce a better answer, at least to myself.  

So, I know there’s a place for double blind testing as the strongest possible evidence for some types of cause and effect.  I also have a healthy respect for conventional western medicine. I’ve recently had my flu jab!  But then I look for complementary medicine, not alternative medicine and I am as suspicious of those who reject all modern medicine, as I am of those who reject homeopathy.  I am reminded of the saying ‘the man who only has a hammer sees every problem as a nail': I like a full tool box.

But I also know that there’s more that we don’t know than that we do know.  It’s not so long since we were ignorant of bacteria, vitamins or mineral trace elements.  So I have no problem that we don’t yet know precisely how homeopathy works.

That it DOES work though, I have no doubt. Over at least a decade I have benefited from recovery from physical problems, from tooth abscess or tummy upsets to the effects of minor surgery and post shingles debility, and have also been helped through less physical disorders such as grief and bereavement.

So much for homeopathy in general. Like any other treatment however, from a hairdresser to a surgeon, choosing the right practitioner can be all important. I think three elements must be considered, first confidence in their professional knowledge and skills, second confidence in their professional ethics, confidentiality and integrity, and lastly a feeling of compatibility.  This last is hardest to define or measure, but you can always recognise it when you meet it.

I feel very fortunate in having found the Suzie Reyes-Nichol practice, meets all these for me, and more.”  R, long-term patient