Supporting your Health

Maintaining your health is a complex combination of actions that often we do routinely. But sometimes we need to give it some focus to maximise our health. And when our health has deteriorated, it needs extra attention and support to aid our recovery.

Plenty of water, a balanced diet, regular exercise, refreshing sleep and positive social interactions are the top 5. Most of us know them but do we really do them? Give yourself a moment and think about what you do,  and perhaps what you don’t. Decide on one action and you’ve taken a positive step to improve your health.


Remedy Kits

When you’re ill right now, you need quick access to advice and homeopathic remedies. Patients, especially children, are encouraged to purchase a kit that holds a small quantity of 36 remedies for use in emergencies, minor injuries and illness. Suzie can advise which remedy is required and healing can be started almost immediately without any need for travel or waiting for the post.


Power of Thought

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” Mahatma Ghandi

We all have a mind-set that runs our little internal voices. This influence our decisions, our behaviours and our bodies. If we believe “I can’t do that”, then we can’t. If we believe “I can do that”, with the right determination and practice, we usually can. When our health isn’t good, believing we will recover has a large contribution to our return to health.

You might be interested to listen to the video on The Cure is…  It will give you food for thought on the relationship between out thoughts and our physical body.           Suzie is not endorsing the products sold on this website but concurs with the philosophy.