Pregnancy and birth

Homeopathy for mother and babymother's hands_baby feet

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic – they are safe both during pregnancy and after for both mum and baby. If a pregnant women is unwell during her pregnancy, homeopathy treatment can bring about not only a positive response for her but can also be beneficial to her unborn baby.

The love experienced between a mother and child is a great gift – an unconditional gift is experienced but also a gift that promotes awareness and natural instincts. The mother is more sensitive – these feelings are a natural thermometer to distinguish truth from fiction, who we are from what is expected. This time of inner discovery reminds us who we are and what we really need. Its a time of honest reflection – and if we are wise we will listen and follow these feelings and make decisions based on what ‘feels’ right and then we will feel at ease. If we deny our feelings and ignore our desires, discomfort will set in resulting in dis-ease.

Homeopathy enables free expression of who we are – when we are able to express who we are we ultimately feel more ‘ourselves’ and accept who we are and are able to feel comfortable with ever changing conditions. Homeopathic remedies are chosen by OUR individual symptoms. These symptoms reflect our true state holistically – mentally/emotionally as well as physically. By taking the whole body into account we are able to restore balance to both the mother and baby.

Mother and babes seek treatment for a range of situations including;

  • infertility
  • pregnancy sickness
  • backache and ligament pain
  • threatened miscarriage
  • breech presentation
  • childbirth
  • post natal problems
  • baby

Whilst there is no substitute for a consultation with a registered homeopathy practitioner, holding a remedy kit provides an important resource for patients. For more information, please contact me.