Dyslexia; limitation or gift?

The son of a friend of mine struggled with being labelled ‘dyslexic’ and with the attention it brought him at school. He felt the label was a negative thing and in some way meant he was flawed. But this life challenge gave him some valuable insight. This is how he explained it.


Game: Swords and Sandals 2 [a freebie battle game on the internet]

So, in this game, you are allocated with 9 skill points that you distribute to the different attributes of your choice. You may decide to put all 9 points into ‘Strength’ which would mean you would be very strong, but, you would have not enough points in; ‘Agility’ so you wouldn’t be able to move fast enough; ‘Vitality’ so you wouldn’t have much energy; ‘Stamina’ meaning not being able to go long enough without having to sleep. So this game needs you to distribute the skill points evenly throughout the game to help you win the battles.


Relating this to real life

The way I like to think about it is that, before we are born we are given our 9 skill points and we have them randomly chosen to be put in attributes. Something like Dyslexia could be thought as not putting any skill points in Spelling ability but using those points to put into Entrepreneurial skill. The reason why I like to think of our ability like this is because it makes everyone have equal ‘Skill points’ and someone who is better at spelling than me, would struggle more at maths than I do. This helps to show that with things like dyslexia comes the gifts as well.


N, 15 year old