Homeopathy treatment involves meeting with the homeopath to discuss and explore your health and then taking homeopathic remedies. This can be a one-off dose which then works for some time, sometimes several weeks or months. You then return for another consultation to assess the change and a further remedy may be prescribed.

The first consultation can take up to two hours or one hour for a child. As well as being asked to describe your health problems, you will be asked questions including your medical history and that of your families. Your body and health is complex and it takes a while to understand how your health problems have developed over time, often many years.

At the end of the consultation a remedy may be given to you or it may be posted to you after some further study and assessment by the homeopath. You will be given instructions on how to take the remedy.

Until the following consultation there will be phone support available to you. This can be useful to quickly deal with any questions or concerns. As the body starts to heal it can feel unusual at times, even though in yourself you may be feeling better.

Subsequent consultations are about 45 mins to one hour in length and are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. This can be different for different people and can be different at different times of their treatment. Some people only need a few consultations, some need many more. This is difficult to predict although the homeopath will be able to give an opinion after the first consultation.

Working with a homeopath can feel very empowering and rewarding. The act of talking and discussing things and coming to new insights and understanding, is fulfilling. Often patients report that at long last they feel listened to. The treatment strategies are worked out with the patient’s involvement so they feel in control and in charge of their recovery.


Suzie works face-to-face with her patients and also offers consultations via skype. She works in her own clinic near the centre of Salisbury. Suzie also offers telephone consultations but only to patients she has met previously.

Suzie currently offers appointments in her clinic in Salisbury.

For those who do not live nearby and for some of her patients who live in other countries, she offers consultations via Skype. Skype uses internet connections to make free video calls. You would need to download Skype onto your computer and have a reasonably fast broadband connection. If your computer does not have a webcam, you would need to purchase one as Suzie expects to be able to see you as well as hear you.


The fees for homeopathy consultations are inclusive of remedy for UK patients* and reasonable telephone support between times. The first consultation attracts a higher fee. There is a discount for children until the end of full time education.

First consultation£110£110
Subsequent consultations£50£40

Any cancellations made within 24 hours will still require the fee to be paid.

* Remedies are not inclusive for patients living outside of the United Kingdom as it is not possible to send remedies abroad. Suzie will discuss sourcing remedies with each individual having researched local homeopathic pharmacies in advance. It is highly recommended that these patients hold a remedy kit.



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