Suzie meets with patients at her clinic in Salisbury, close to the city centre but overlooking the river and gardens. Appointments can be made by calling 01722 580029.

Flat A, 2 Mill Rd, Salisbury SP2 7RZ

Parking is available 1 minute walk away at a Pay and Display on Cranebridge Road.

Maps can be misleading as they show Cranebridge Road running west to the roundabout with Mill Road and Harcourt Terrace. In fact, Mill Rd starts to the west of the stream and its footpath known as Water Lane.

From the Cranebridge car-park, turn left when you exit and walk alongside the start of Queen Elizabeth gaSRclinic_IMG_4435rdens. On the far side is a row of about 9 houses, then the entrance to some houses set back from the road. Then there’s the stream and its footpath, immediately followed by a high brick wall with an old black “Mill Road” sign. In this wall is a iron gate which is the entrance to the property.




The view across the road: