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Spring newsletter – Possibility

WELCOME SPRING As I write this article the sun is shining on my back and the blossoms on the tree have alerted me to the fact that spring is starting to appear. The older I get the more I appreciate the change in seasons- they are welcoming and signify possibility. Change is not always easy as many have experienced, but the one thing that we can count on is with change comes different possibilities. It fills gaps in our awareness and enables us to approach things differently …

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Autumn newsletter – change in the air

AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED What does autumn mean to you? Bonfires, fireworks, mists, autumn fruit is what my husband replied. When I asked a young patient she quickly responded: “New notebooks and pens’! Others replied: New Beginnings, Harvest, Jumpers (!!)  Crisp air, Long nights. Some would also say flu and colds also make their appearance with autumn. All of these observations have one thing in common: change….

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Award for Customer service

Awarded by

“I was delighted to be told that I have been awarded the 2015 Customer Service Award from, especially as they tell me that only a very small fraction of clinics make the required standard. This award reflects my belief that my duty of care is to my patient – this starts with customer care.”   Suzie

Feb 2015

Limitation or a gift?

Written by a 15 year old who has dyslexia

Computer Game: Swords and Sandals 2

So, in this game, you are allocated with 9 skill points that you distribute to the different attributes of your choice. You may decide to put all 9 points into ‘Strength’ which would mean you would be very strong, but, you would have not enough points in; ‘Agility’ so you wouldn’t be able to move fast enough; ‘Vitality’ so you wouldn’t have much energy; ‘Stamina’ meaning not being able to go long enough without having to sleep. So this game needs you to distribute the skill points evenly throughout the game to win your battles.


Relating this to real life
The way I like to think about it is that, before we are born we are given our 9 skill points and we have them randomly chosen to be put in attributes. Something like Dyslexia could be thought as not putting any skill points in Spelling ability but using those points to put into Entrepreneurial skill. The reason why I like to think of our ability like this is because it makes everyone have equal ‘Skill points’ and someone who is better at spelling than me, would struggle more at maths than I do. This helps to show that with things like dyslexia comes the gifts as well.


Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

Old habits, New perspective

There is a habit that we sometimes carry from childhood into adulthood…one that holds many of us back. The habit is judging ourselves through the eyes of others.

How can this be a fair way to assess anything about ourselves or our lives? Others do not know of our struggles, our true strengths, or what is deepest in our hearts. Others can only judge us from their understanding of the world and from their experiences.

 A happy, clear-minded, peaceful life can be ours when we just let go of the judgements of others, or what we perceive to be their judgements. It really is of no concern…the things that others think about our efforts, our personalities, our priorities, or our decisions, especially when we are doing our very best. And all of us really are.

You are JUST RIGHT just exactly as you are at this time in your life. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. That is an exciting part of life! Every day we get the chance to grow a little more, to be a little better, to learn new things.

Symptoms serve a purpose

When we are suffering with a symptom, it is hard to see the positive in this experience. Consider this and see if there’s an action that can move you back to health.

Nothing in nature deliberately destroys itself

Symptoms serve a purpose

Symptoms give us information about the nature of your disease

Information can lead to understanding

Understanding can lead to positive action

Positive action can lead to health

Lulu Badger, lecturer, Salisbury Homeopathy College