About Suzie

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Suzie Reyes-Nichol RsHom MSHC is a fully-trained, registered homeopath practitioner.

Suzie graduated in 2005 from the Salisbury Homeopathy College in Wiltshire and was awarded her licentiateship to practice homeopathy (L.S.H.C.). Further study led to her being awarded the Member of Salisbury Homeopathy College (M.S.H.C.) to add to her qualification.

Suzie is registered with the Society of Homeopaths (SOH) which binds her to clear ethics and standards of treatment.

In September 2009 she joined Salisbury Homeopathy College as a lecturer. She soon became appointed a tutor and in 2012 was appointed a director of the business. Suzie became a clinician in one of the college’s student clinics and supervised students in their final stages of study as they worked with their own patients. Suzie retired from the College in 2016 after 10 wonderful year of working collaboratively with outstanding homeopaths and lecturers. She is still a visiting lecturer at Salisbury Homeopathy College.

Suzie the therapist

Suzie’s approach is to listen keenly to the patient, to involve them in the decisions and to give them lots of support. Her treatment strategies aim to work on the deeper reasons for each individual patient, taking in an understanding of the human body in all its facets, and being open to collaborate with other therapists and treatments.

Patient involvement

Homeopathy principles require an exploration of the patient’s symptoms and history. Suzie’s therapeutic approach means that not only does she listen but the patient feels listened to. The patient is invited to take part in the decisions for treatment, is encouraged to ask questions about homeopathy and the process, and often come to an understanding of how and why their health changed.

Prescribing homeopathy treatments in a holistic way

Homeopathy happens when a practitioner prescribes a remedy following homeopathy principles. Suzie’s training is classical homeopathy which means that it a holistic approach rather than a symptom approach. This method looks at the whole person, their symptoms now and their medical history. It aims to take into consideration the patient in their environment and how their current well-being has altered and addresses how they can return to a harmonious state of well-being. She can also offer advice on how the patient can maintain themselves to help sustain any achievements they have made with her help.

Understanding conventional medicine knowledge

Having come from a family full of conventional doctors Suzie was always interested in medicine. Her homeopathic training included the study of medical science which she spent considerable time focussed on. This enabled her to understand how the human body operates in health and how it reacts in disease states. The management of patients’ return to health requires the ability to assess the physical aspects of disease and the language that is used by conventional medical practitioners. To ensure a balanced view with homeopathy philosophy, for nine months she was a member of the healthcare support team at Odstock Hospital in Salisbury. Her knowledge of the human body was extended by the countless patient nurses in the different wards. This background led to the view that homeopaths can work side by side with doctors as long as the patients’ interests are their main priority and all parties remember their limitations.

Working collaboratively with other complementary therapists

Suzie works with other complementary therapists and will consider adjunct advice and treatment, often in consultation with these therapists. It was her work as an assistant manager at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Salisbury where she had a unique opportunity to train in acute prescribing alongside eleven other therapists, all practising their own respective forms of recognised complementary medicine and thus sharing knowledge and experience from many specific fields. Once qualified as a homeopath, Suzie practised in a therapy room there and continued her work with these therapists.

An eclectic Practice background

Since 2005 Suzie has had an eclectic practice ranging from the Near East, Yorkshire and Salisbury. Whilst living in Cyprus she became involved in helping soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Once back in the UK Suzie set up a general practice alongside her work with army personnel and their families.


Suzie the person

Suzie loves life, from Mexico to the country cottages of Wiltshire. Her travels and life experiences have fed her passions and given her a wealth of experience to draw on.

Suzie grew up in Boston Massachusetts and is originally from Mexico City. She is fluent in Spanish. She studied at The Universidad Iberoamericana in México and her married life took her to many countries and homes. She has now settled in Wiltshire with her husband and has two children in higher education.

Her introduction to homeopathy came whilst she was in Cyprus. A friend, diagnosed with diabetes after a severe car accident, regularly flew back to the UK for homeopathic treatment. This led to an interest in homeopathy and later to professional study. Her dissertation was on Trauma.

Suzie is passionate and aims to live life to the full and gives much to all aspects of her life. Her belief in this is reflected in her skype address which includes the word viva. Viva is a latin word that is a salutation, linking back to her Spanish heritage. It means “Long live… !”, or quite simply “Live!”.

Her commitment to her profession and her patients is strong and she finds this truly rewarding. “Each one of my patients continues to teach me that homeopathy is not only a science but also an art. I never stop admiring their commitment to their personal health and vitality, whether they use homeopathy in an acute / chronic situation or a preventative one.”

Suzie also loves cooking and her dog ‘Bella’. Viva!