Old habits, New perspective

There is a habit that we sometimes carry from childhood into adulthood…one that holds many of us back. The habit is judging ourselves through the eyes of others.

How can this be a fair way to assess anything about ourselves or our lives? Others do not know of our struggles, our true strengths, or what is deepest in our hearts. Others can only judge us from their understanding of the world and from their experiences.

 A happy, clear-minded, peaceful life can be ours when we just let go of the judgements of others, or what we perceive to be their judgements. It really is of no concern…the things that others think about our efforts, our personalities, our priorities, or our decisions, especially when we are doing our very best. And all of us really are.

You are JUST RIGHT just exactly as you are at this time in your life. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. That is an exciting part of life! Every day we get the chance to grow a little more, to be a little better, to learn new things.